We all know that plumbing fixtures wear out with age. If you own a home for any considerable amount of time, at one point or another you’re going to need to replace a leaky faucet or have a new toilet installed. But what about the pipes in your home? Repiping is sometimes a necessity when pipes corrode or decay from general wear and tear. In this blog post, T-Top Plumbing Co, Inc. explains when new pipe installation might be necessary. Knowing these things might lessen your risk for a major plumbing break and extensive property damage.

Is It Time For New Pipe Installation? A Few Things to Consider:

The Material & Condition of Your Pipes

Many people ask us how long pipes last for. It really all depends on the material they’re comprised of. You can get 75 to 100 years from copper, galvanized steel, and brass supply pipes. The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) piping commonly found in drain lines may last you 25 to 40 years. If your drain lines are cast iron piping, you’ll probably get anywhere from 80 to 100 years from those.

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “Great! My home isn’t even that old, I’ve got nothing to worry about!”. Think again. Any pipe material can decay or corrode from poor maintenance or hard water minerals. So, while we’ve given you some average lifespans, the keyword is “average.”

The Age of Your Home

If your house is over 50 years old, we recommend an annual plumbing inspection. You’ll want a professional plumber to look for any signs of decay or corrosion in your plumbing. However, you can also check any exposed piping in your basement or crawlspace yourself. Look for any discoloration, pitted corrosion (gray areas), or flaking. If you see anything concerning, call a professional plumber to assess your entire plumbing system.

You’re Experiencing Reoccurring Leaks

Any pipe might occasionally spring a leak regardless of its material. But if frequent leaks, even small ones, are regularly occurring, it might be time for repiping. Leaks can spread faster and farther when your piping is wearing down. If you’re experiencing frequent leaks, it might be time for a significant repiping rather than a repair.

You Have Lead or Polybutylene Piping

Regardless of their age or condition, lead and polybutylene pipes need to be replaced immediately. Lead pipes for drinking water presents serious health consequences. Polybutylene piping, which was used from the 1970s until the mid-to-late 90s, breaks easily and is no longer used for that reason.

Think It’s Time for Repiping in Los Angeles or Ventura County?

If you’d like to have your home’s plumbing assessed to determine if any new piping installation is needed, call (805) 527-8867 or email info@ttopplumbing.net to have one of the pros at T-Top Plumbing Co, Inc. come to your property. It’s our goal to provide you with some peace of mind that your home has the best plumbing system possible for years to come.