Most homeowners never really think about the sewer lines servicing their home. Then, out of nowhere, something goes wrong. Usually in a very messy way. Suddenly, you’re online researching sewer line repair. You know very little going in. And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what you’re finding out.

First, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re worried about being taken for a ride by the plumber you call. When you’re told the only way to resolve the issue you’re experiencing is to dig from the curb to your house, the dollar signs you envision can dizzy you. So, you’re automatically in the mindset of, “How can I save as much money as possible?”.

You also probably want the job finished fairly quickly. Preferably, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day home life.

Here’s the troubling reality. Traditional sewer line repair techniques aren’t very quick. Time, as you know, is money. The more time involved, the more you’ll typically have to spend.

Even worse, repairing or replacing a sewer line is an incredibly messy job. If you’re a homeowner, traditional sewer line repairs or installations will wreak havoc on your yard. Often leaving behind an unsightly mess robbing your home of curb appeal.

This is because the lawn or concrete must be dug out to get to the pipes below.

Enter trenchless sewer line repair. Modern technology has thankfully enabled us to get to these pipes without having to dig into the ground.

But is this relatively new and trending trenchless option truly the right way for you to go?

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider.

How Important is Landscaping to You?

As we’ve already pointed out, digging is one of the biggest issues with traditional pipe replacement methods. Your plumber literally has to unearth the pipe to fix or remove/replace it.

If you’re the type of homeowner that takes pride in your lawn, agave hybrids, glowing golden yellow tulips, rosy pink blossoms, or veggie garden, know that this type of digging could very well destroy all of that.

This begs the question, how will you replace or repair this landscaping once the problem with your sewer line has been addressed?

Most plumbers are kind enough to replace the sod and soil they’ve just dug up, but let’s face it, the average plumber doesn’t have a green thumb. You’ll likely need to hire an experienced landscaper if you’d like to replant your displaced garden or get your lawn back to its previous splendor.

Even if trenchless technology appears to cost a little more than the traditional sewer line repair, it’s important to factor landscaping into the total cost if you opt for digging.

Is Time of the Essence To You?

Different pipes are responsible for different things. For example, an issue with one pipe can deprive you and your family of clean water for a bit. A drainage pipe issue could result in a toxic runoff seeping into the soil of your yard. Neither is desirable or acceptable for any length of time.

Consider this. The trenching involved with a traditional sewer line repair could take up to 5 to 7 days. You’re possibly looking at one to two days to verify the placement of other utilities and dig the pipe up. Then, possibly another day to replace the pipe. Then, a few more days to address the compromised landscaping.

In almost all cases, trenchless pipe repair and replacement is much faster since no digging is involved. Some trenchless repairs can even be done in just one day.

How Much Day-to-Day Disruption Can You Take?

Plumbing repairs can disrupt your day. When it comes to repairing and replacing underground pipes, having a wide swath of your yard dug up for days can be disruptive and bothersome.

Trenchless pipe replacement technology eliminates all of that excessive digging. This significantly reduces the disruptions to your day-to-day life that come with traditional methods.

Does Exposure to Toxins Matter to You?

Beneath the surface of some earth is hidden deposits of toxic materials. Traditional trenching solutions can, unfortunately, release these toxins into the air we breathe. Although most plumbers are fully aware of how to contain these toxins, even the slightest exposure can put the health of you and your family at risk.

The minimally-invasive nature of trenchless pipe replacement and repair makes exposure to unearthed toxins much less likely; reducing you and your family’s risk.

Does Cost Efficiency Matter To You?

Extensive sewer line repairs aren’t cheap. Nor should you want them to be. You don’t want rushed or shoddy work done. On the surface, trenchless technology is going to appear to come with a higher price tag attached to it. It’s newer. Cleaner. Safer. Things you customarily have to pay more for.

Traditional pipe repair or replacement jobs have variable labor costs. Factors like the location of the damaged sewer line come into play. For instance, a sewer line buried deep underground beneath hard to move objects will jack up labor costs. Comparatively, labor costs tend to be lower if the sewer line is shallow and beneath nothing but grass and dirt.

Despite the higher base cost of trenchless sewer repair, labor costs are stable. The actual depth of the pipe in the ground has no real impact on the amount of work required to service it.

As mentioned when discussing your landscaping, trenching your yard or garden will require spending money to undo the damage. Whether you do it yourself, or you hire a professional, those additional costs are reduced or altogether eliminated if you choose trenchless over traditional.

For many SoCal homeowners, trenchless sewer line replacement is the ideal solution because it’s quicker, easier, and much less disruptive than tearing up your yard. Trenchless especially suits homes where the sewer lines are deep and difficult to excavate.