We sell and service all sizes of residential tank water heaters. Today’s water heaters are much more efficient than even those from five years ago. Today you can get more hot water from the same sized unit at a lower operating cost. We also sell and install tankless water heaters.


Tank Heater Pros

  • Lower initial replacement cost
  • Large selection of sizes for any budget
  • Life span of 10-12 years, with proper maintenance
  • Provides storage of clean water during emergencies such as earthquakes

Tank Heater Cons

  • Takes up extra space
  • Not the most efficient system available
  • Can take time to reheat under heavy demand


Tankless Heater Pros

  • Most efficient system available today
  • Uses very little space
  • Life span of 12-20 years, with proper maintenance
  • Never runs out of hot water during normal demand
  • Good option for remote area of house or addition

Tankless Heater Cons

  • Higher initial purchase and installation costs
  • Low quality and/or hard water can adversely affect lifespan
  • Reduced volume of hot water on high demand
  • Usually requires professional maintenance annually
  • Complete loss of hot water during power outage
  • Operational noise from the unit can be an issue


Call us today to analyze your current situation and we can provide the best options for you and your budget.