Drain Stoppages - T-Top Plumbing

A slow or clogged drain is frustrating for any homeowner. Clogged toilets, sinks and showers can bring our day to a halt pretty quick. And — slow drains only continue to get worse until we can’t stand it anymore. Most retail drain cleaners have a base of caustic acid in them making them dangerous to your family and harmful to your piping. We do not recommend anything except for all natural drain maintainers. Clogs are caused by everything from grease, hair, soap, and shampoo, to the dreaded tree roots underground in your yard.

Most times we can clear a clog pretty quickly with our power snakes. Like potato peels to a garbage disposal, grease down your sink is also a major “no-no.” Some people mistakenly think if they run hot water down the drain with the grease it will be fine. Unfortunately, that can create even more complications because as the water cools traveling down the pipes, so does the grease. This will build up a thick layer at the bottom of your pipes that can be very difficult to clear. This can even require high pressure jetting to remove the grease. Be smart and don’t pour grease into your sink.

Sometimes roots from trees in front of your house can enter your sewer through small cracks or breaks in your old clay or cast iron sewer pipe, causing everything in your house to back up. Even years after a tree has been removed, the roots can still be a problem. If you have an accessible ground cleanout, oftentimes we can snake through the roots and then perform a camera inspection to see the extent of the problem. Some root problems are minor, and others need more extensive repairs. We can recommend a solution from just a basic snaking, to trenchless sewer replacement, and all areas in between.

T-Top Plumbing is a phone call away if you experience any of the following stoppages:

Bathroom Sink Drain Clogs

Bathroom sinks tend to clog because of hair, soap, grime, and toothpaste. Bathroom sink drain clogs might be one of the most common problems we handle. Our pros will remove the clog and then thoroughly clean the entire pipe. Our end goal is to get your sink to drain like new.

Shower and Tub Drain Clogs

Hair and soap buildup in the trap or drainpipe are two of the most common causes of a shower or tub drain clog. You’ll know when your drain is clogged when you there’s standing water in the shower stall or tub. If the drain is properly functioning, the water in your tub or shower is almost instantly carried away. Once you see water covering the shower floor or your feet, this means there’s a clog in your shower drain that will ultimately result in a complete block if not immediately tended to. The certified technicians at T-Top Plumbing will clean any and all debris from the drain to restore it to its original condition.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Kitchen drain clogs are by far the most common stoppage a homeowner will encounter. A drain line stoppage starts when greases, soaps, fats, and detergent accumulate over time in the inner lining of your pipes. Let a T-Top Plumbing service technician come to your home to cut through this clog and remove all debris.

Main Sewer Line Clog

Is foul-smelling water coming from your tub or shower drain whenever you flush the toilet? When you take a shower, is there a gurgling sound coming from your toilet? Maybe your toilet overflows when you’re doing laundry? These are all signs of a stoppage in your home’s main line. The pros at T-Top Plumbing can permanently fix a main line while preventing further damages. Even better, we can utilize trenchless technology to do this!