Toilet Repair Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Always jiggling the handle to complete the flush? Or does your toilet sound like it’s filling with water when no one is using it? Even newer toilets can build up with calcium & minerals over time, reducing the effectiveness of the flush and causing frequent stoppages or multiple flushes.

Here’s the good news: If you have a newer water-saving toilet, it most likely can be repaired economically.

Older toilets can waste up to five times as much water as the new eco ultra-low-flow toilets.  We can discuss all types of options and help you make the best choice.  Whether it’s a new high-efficiency Toto Gmax Gravity Flush toilet or a basic tank rebuild, we will recommend a solution that best fits your needs. Our dedicated, experienced, and reliable plumbing techs are just a phone call away.

Is Your Toilet Running Endlessly?

When a toilet continues to run even after its tank fills with water, there’s probably an issue with either the float or fill valve. Not only is it an annoyance for a toilet to run non-stop, but it can also potentially waste thousands of gallons of water every month. That will result in a higher than usual water bill. While you can try to adjust the float to resolve the issue, in many instances the fill valve will need to be replaced.

Clogs & Blockages

A toilet that isn’t flushing properly, probably has a clog or blockage in either the drain line or trap. You might be able to clear the clog by plunging the toilet. Oy you might need a licensed plumber in the Los Angeles or Ventura area to snake or auger the toilet to clear out the blockage.

Slow Flushes

Slow flushes can be the result of several different issues. The toilet tank’s water level might be too high. There could also be a clog of debris or hard water scale somewhere in the toilet bowl’s inlet holes. The drain line could also have a partial blocked. The next flush could potentially result in a toilet overflow. This is why you should have a licensed Los Angeles or Ventura area plumber identify and correct the exact cause of the slowed flush.

Tank Doesn’t Fill

A failed or stuck fill valve can cause the tank to not totally refill after a flush. To keep yourself from having to resort to a pail of water to complete every flush, the fill valve will likely need to be replaced.

Leaky Toilet

Water seepage underneath the toilet is usually an indicator that the wax seal between the toilet’s base and sewer line flange needs to be replaced. If the floor surrounding the toilet is wet, there’s probably a crack in the fill valve or tank bolt which is allowing water to drip out.

When Is It Time for a Toilet Replacement?

If your toilet was installed before 1994, you might be wasting a ton of water. Older toilets use as much as 2.5 gallons of water per flush. Newer toilets only use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This is why it’s good to have an expert assess any issue you’re having with a toilet.

It is said that the average person uses a toilet at least 6 to 8 times per day. That’s not even factoring in other members of the household. That’s one person flushing a toilet about 2,400 times yearly. This is why a non-properly-working toilet can be just as detrimental to energy conservation or utility savings as a bad furnace or hot water tank. Thankfully, a toilet isn’t as expensive to replace as those other major expenses.


When you need toilet repair, toilet replacement, or a new toilet installed, it’s critical that you choose licensed professionals for the job. If you’re in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, choose T-Top Plumbing for any toilet problem. Contact us today at or by calling (805) 527-8867. We’ll dispatch one of our pros to your property right away to diagnose and repair any issue you’re having with your toilet.