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Sinks come in virtually every size shape and color.

Do you have an old steel sink with rust around the drain?

Or maybe scratches that just won’t go away?

Maybe you have a sink with a leak right at the drain or in the piping underneath?

Whatever issue you’re experiencing, the pros at T-Top Plumbing can either repair or replace any sink – whether it’s a new cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, or stainless steel sink.

Is it time to replace an older sink? Whether you want to match the other sinks in the house, or perhaps you’re in the market to upgrade to something you’ve always wanted, we’re a phone call away for sink installations.

Sink Repairs

The sinks in our homes undergo a lot of daily use. For instance, think of all the dirty dishes that are sat in your kitchen sink. The end result of this is large quantities of food debris, which includes various oils and grease, that will ultimately lead to a clogged kitchen sink. This is when you’ll need to call for kitchen sink repair.

Now, comparatively, think of your bathroom sink. Clogged bathroom sinks are usually the result of hairs from shaving and other obstructions. A bathroom sink clog can render that sink ineffective for daily use.

When you’ve encountered a clogged or malfunctioning sink, and you need sink repairs in Ventura or Los Angeles counties, you can rely on T-Top Plumbing to save the day. Our sink repairmen possess the necessary experience to repair and unclog sinks quickly and cost-effectively. When we arrive at your home, we’ll assess the problem and present the best solution to repair your sink so it drains properly and reliably functions when you need it to.

Sink Installation

Nothing can make a kitchen or bathroom pop quite as well as a new sink. New sinks can dramatically affect the look and feel of these rooms.

When it comes to kitchens, many homeowners are drawn to both the elegance and practicality of a stainless steel kitchen sinks. Stainless steel sinks not only look phenomenal but also make cleaning up a hassle-free ordeal.

For bathrooms, there are a number of stylish and attractive bathroom sink options to create an elegant look never before realized.

While a new sink can dramatically improve the appearance and feel of any kitchen or bathroom, sink installation can be a challenging DIY endeavor for the average homeowner. Since most sink installs are part of a kitchen or bathroom renovation project, many homeowners will turn to an overpriced contracting service for sink installations. Instead of going with a costly contractor, why not call T-Top Plumbing for sink installation in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Our experienced plumbers are experienced, knowledgeable, and happy to assist in installing any bathroom sink or kitchen sink.

Drain Repair

A clogged drain can render any kitchen or bathroom sink inoperable. Whether it’s your bathroom or kitchen sink not draining properly or a shower holding water way too long, T-Top Plumbing can help. Sometimes drain clogs can be resolved relatively easily either by a handyman or a determined DIY homeowner. However, at other times, parts of the drain may have to be disassembled, examined, cleared, and perhaps altogether replaced for water to properly drain again. Our professionals can quickly repair clogged drains and determine if replacement parts like a PVC trap, reducer, or tailpiece are needed.


T-Top Plumbing provides reliable sink repair and new/replacement sink installation in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Contact us today at or call (805) 527-8867 to schedule an appointment.