Are you worried that there might be a leak in your home but you aren’t sure where it is? Does it seem as if there’s a leak somewhere yet no matter what you do you just can’t find it? We understand how frustrating that can be. If there’s a slab, sewer, or other kinds of the leak, you obviously want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. However, you can’t do that if you aren’t sure where the leak is or, alternatively, don’t know even if there is a leak. That’s where we come in. Here at T-Top Plumbing, we utilize the very best in leak detection technology, so that we can let you know definitively if there is a leak, where it is, and how we can fix it.

Where Leaks Might Be 

Most folks are aware of the most common places leaks might be in their homes: in the toilet area, under the sink, around the plumbing, and so forth. However, it’s entirely possible that you could have leaks in the walls, ceilings & water leaks in the slab beneath your home. Leaks that are hidden behind walls and under slab concrete are very difficult to find. We use the latest thermal imaging camera to assist in finding leaks in walls and under floors. That’s just one of the reasons why, when we inspect your property, between our three decades of experience plus the most advanced detection equipment, we can find a leak no matter where it might be. 

Signs You May Have a Leak and Don’t Realize It 

You know to call a plumbing company if you see a leak on your property, obviously, or if the walls are discolored. However, there are less commonly understood signs of a leak that could necessitate reaching out to us. For example, your water heat kicking on at odd off-hours. If you notice it doing so when there’s no hot water usage, that could be a significant sign that there’s a leak in your home’s foundation. Is your gas bill suddenly higher? Is there a musty smell that you can’t get rid of in a closet or a bathroom? Another: if your water bills have gotten much higher in a short period of time. We can find the leaks and fix them pronto. 

How Our Leak Detection Can Help 

For one, our process is as non-invasive as can be. Our experienced pros will use the best tech in the business to find any potential leak without leaving any sign that we were there (other than, of course, fixing your leak). By that same token, we’re always clear and upfront with the pricing. Dealing with a leak is hard enough: you shouldn’t be ambushed by surprise fees, either. We give you an accurate quote upfront always. 

Leak Detection

Beyond Detecting Leaks: Fixing Them 

No one ever wants to have to deal with a leak. But, own a home in Southern California long enough, and they’re going to happen. We can make the detection and repair process as easy as possible. You can call us at any time, day or night, 24/7, and we’ll be there to find and fix any potential leaks. You can reach us at (805) 527-8867.