Drip. Drip. The persistent sound of a leaking faucet can be maddening, not to mention the water wasted. If you’re dealing with a leaking or dripping faucet in your Los Angeles home, you’re not alone. In this article, T-Top Plumbing Company Inc., your trusted experts in faucet repair in Los Angeles, will guide you through the steps to deal with this common plumbing issue.

The Annoyance of Leaking Faucets

Leaking and dripping faucets are not just an auditory nuisance; they can have significant consequences. Here’s why it’s essential to address the issue promptly:

Water Wastage

A faucet dripping at a rate of one drop per second can waste thousands of gallons of water in a year. This not only impacts your water bill but also has environmental implications.

Increased Water Bills

A leaky faucet can lead to higher water bills, which is money down the drain. By fixing the problem, you can save on your monthly expenses.

Potential Damage

Constant moisture from a dripping faucet can cause damage to your sink or countertop over time. Addressing the issue early can prevent costly repairs.

Identifying the Cause of the Leak

Before you can fix a leaking faucet, it’s essential to identify the root cause. Here are some common reasons for faucet leaks:

Worn-Out Washer

A worn or damaged washer is a typical cause of faucet leaks. Over time, washers can degrade, leading to a faulty seal.

O-Ring Problems

O-rings create a watertight seal in the faucet. If they become loose or damaged, leaks can occur.

Corroded Valve Seat

The valve seat is where the faucet and spout meet. Corrosion at this point can lead to leaks.

Loose Parts

Faucets have numerous moving parts, and over time, they can become loose or damaged, causing leaks.

Steps to Deal with Leaking Faucets

Now that you know the potential causes of faucet leaks, here’s how to deal with them:

Turn Off the Water

Before starting any faucet repair, turn off the water supply. You’ll typically find shut-off valves under the sink. If there are no valves, consider turning off the main water supply to your home.

Dismantle the Faucet

Carefully remove the faucet handle and escutcheon to access the internal components. Use caution to avoid damaging the fixture.

Inspect and Replace Parts

Examine the internal components, paying particular attention to the washer, O-rings, and valve seat. If you notice damage or wear, replace these parts. You can find replacement parts at most hardware stores.

Reassemble the Faucet

Carefully reassemble the faucet, making sure all components are properly aligned and tightened.

Test the Faucet

Turn the water supply back on and test the faucet. If the leak is resolved, you’ve successfully completed the repair.

When to Call a Professional

While some faucet repairs can be DIY projects, others may require the expertise of a professional faucet repair service in Los Angeles. Consider these scenarios:

Inadequate DIY Experience

If you’re not confident in your plumbing skills, it’s best to call a professional. An improperly fixed faucet can lead to more significant problems.

Complex Faucet Design

Some faucet designs are intricate and challenging to repair without specialized tools. Professionals have the experience and equipment to handle such cases.

Multiple Leaks

If you have multiple faucets in your home that require repair, it’s more efficient to have a professional address them simultaneously.

Old Plumbing

In older homes, plumbing systems may be outdated and require specific knowledge for repairs.

The Benefits of Professional Faucet Repair

Calling a professional for faucet repair in Los Angeles offers several advantages:

Time and Money Savings

Professionals can quickly diagnose and repair faucet issues, saving you time and reducing the risk of further damage.


Experienced plumbers can identify the cause of the leak and use the right parts and techniques for a lasting repair.


Many professional plumbing services provide warranties for their work, giving you peace of mind.

faucet repair in los angeles

Dealing with leaking and dripping faucets can be a frustrating experience. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can address the issue promptly and effectively. When in doubt, or if you prefer to leave the job to the experts, T-Top Plumbing Company Inc. is your go-to for faucet repair in Los Angeles. Don’t let a leaking faucet drive you crazy or waste your resources; take action today to resolve the issue and enjoy a well-functioning faucet once again.