Backflow Prevention Testing - Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa BarbaraIf you own a commercial building or a multi-level apartment building, you most likely have a backflow prevention device installed. Backflow preventers are a requirement for commercial spaces in most cities and municipalities in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. These safety devices protect a building’s drinking water from contamination by keeping non-potable water (non-drinking water) from meeting potable water (drinking water).

Backflow prevention devices must be installed where potable and non-potable connectors meet. Non-potable connections at commercial properties requiring this include hot tubs and swimming pools, irrigation and fire suppression systems, and outdoor hoses.

Backflow prevention devices must pass an annual inspection carried out by a certified technician. In fact, one of the most common reasons a building fails a plumbing inspection is because its backflow prevention device isn’t working properly or one was never installed.

The commercial plumbing pros at T-Top Plumbing Co, Inc. are fully certified to install, repair, and test any commercial backflow prevention device. If you’ve received a failure or testing notice on your backflow prevention device, contact us immediately to prevent wastewater from contaminating your building’s drinking water; jeopardizing the health and safety of your tenants and their guests or customers.

What Causes a Plumbing Backflow?

Buildings without a properly functioning backflow preventer run the risk of contaminated water flowing back through the pipes due to backsiphonage or backpressure. Backsiphonage occurs when there’s decreased water pressure. This might happen when there’s a water main line break or a high volume of water in use in the vicinity. For instance, there might be backsiphonage when firefighters use a hydrant to extinguish a fire in the area.

Backpressure occurs in a situation where downstream pressure is higher than water supply pressure and water is forced back through the pipes.

Annual Commercial Backflow Preventer Testing

All commercial buildings must pass yearly backflow testing to be compliant with city or municipal requirements. A commercial building owner who fails or refuses backflow testing could be subject to fines or have their business shut down.

Fortunately, all commercial plumbers at T-Top Plumbing, Co, Inc. are certified to complete backflow testing, repairs, and installations in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County. Contact us today at (805) 527-8867 to schedule commercial backflow prevention testing or any device repair or installation.