Top Signs You Might Have a Slab Leak

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Slab leaks can cause significant property damage. This is why early detection of a leak in your home's slab foundation is critical. The longer a slab leak goes undetected or unrepaired, the more water and structural damage it can cause. Thousands of dollars worth of property damage isn't out of the realm of possibility. T-Top

Trenchless Pipe Repair – How Does It Work?

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Prior to video and pipe inspection cameras, a plumber would often have to excavate to locate the source of a plumbing issue. Thankfully, thanks to technological advances and the emergence of trenchless pipe repair, those days are over. Trenchless technology has enabled plumbers to fix underground pipes without major excavation. For property owners that means

Is Lowering Water Pressure the Answer to Keeping Your Pipes Healthy?

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No matter what precautions you take, a leaky pipe in your home is inevitable. Simple wear and tear over time is typically the culprit. Sometimes improper installation and defective materials might also be to blame. That said, there are a still a few measures one can take to reduce the likelihood of a leaky pipe.

How to Know It’s Time for a Gas Line Repair

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  Defective gas lines are no joke. They're a serious issue that can jeopardize the health and safety of you and your family. You cannot overlook potential leaks. You ideally want to make sure your gas lines are as well maintained as your landscaping and anything else in your home or on your property. This

The Truth Behind Water Main Problems, Repairs & Replacement

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  A household plunger can certainly save the day at times. Unfortunately, it's not the answer to every plumbing need. Water main problems are a reality that most homeowners will have to face sooner or later. In most cases, you'll need a professional to come to your rescue. But it's also good to have a

Blabbing About Slab Leaks

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Slab leaks are more common than you think. Anyone with a concrete foundation needs to remember this. The water pipes sitting beneath your foundation can be leaking right this minute and you’d have no idea. None of us do. That’s what makes slab leaks so problematic. There's all this activity going on several feet beneath